Going into my first day of placement at the start of June I was, like most people, apprehensive about what lay ahead in my new role at the Football Foundation. I can safely say that after the first 5 minutes in the office, I felt at home and that this is where I should be working.

Now, six weeks later and I am full of excitement and optimism about what lay ahead in the next 12 months at the Foundation.

I have already been lucky enough to go to a Football Foundation opening within my first two weeks. It was incredible to see the process of how an event like this takes shape from beginning to end and how the world of PR & Communications actually works. I was fortunate to be given free responsibility of ‘Live Tweeting” the event and filming it in which we were joined Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid MP.

I was also pleasantly surprised to the level of responsibility that is given to an intern at the Foundation and how we are made to feel like an equal employee of the organisation, unlike the perception of an ‘intern’ to most.

An example of this was being given free control and reign over all the Foundation’s Social Media channels from the moment I joined and have been entrusted with it since. It has made me feel confident and competent in the role and has given me a sense of achievement having interacted with individuals such as Nigel Adkins, Hayley McQueen, Graeme Le Saux, Kevin Davies and many others. My highlight so far has been getting a retweet from the official verified account for the England national football team who shared my work to its 2.59 million followers!

An exciting first month then culminated in my first written article was published by Shoot! Football Online in our monthly Football Foundation round up which was an incredible experience to have some work published with my name next to it. If you do feel so inclined, I would really appreciated if you followed the link to read it and let me know what you think: Here.

The excitement continues to build as I will soon have my next piece published in a double page spread of ‘fcbusiness’ magazine which I am very excited about.

I have also been given the role of sending out letters to MP’s to notify them of investment into their constituency and then to arrange a subsequent visit from the MP to the organisation if they feel so inclined. A new process to me but one which I enjoy, having to organise a cheque presentation and provide a calling notice and press release for the media, something I had never done before!

Having experienced A LOT within my first six weeks from organising and managing MP’s visits to sites, to Social Media work and even to writing articles for publications. It has been a quick learning process and one which I have relished along the way.

I was fortunate to have a six-week handover period with the previous interns, Harry and Alice, who were superb at helping me settle into the Foundation and the role and I wish them all the best for their final year of studies.

The real work kicks in tomorrow morning where I won’t have them on hand to guide my through it but after such a brilliant first six weeks and everything going so brilliantly I am fresh and eager to continue and I am sure that exciting things lay ahead!

Until next time..


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